Saturday, July 31, 2010

F.R.I.E.N.D.S:feelings unleashed

After scripting my 1st blog I realized how difficult it is to maintain a blog until and unless you are an avid thinker/ writer. It was not that I was short of thoughts but that of words. However the upcoming friendship’s day has yet again filled me with the zeal and joy of engraving words about the golden friendship I have shared with my adorable friends.
I always have praised friendship more than any other relationship in the world, thanks to all my friends who always have been so nice and kind to me. When I go back in time and remember my school friends my heart fills with delight and I get so nostalgic that I really wish I could spend more time with them now. We, fighting for the window seat in the school bus, standing in the school prayer and chit chatting, playing “bollywood” during a boring lecture, sharing lunch from each other’s Tiffin boxes, getting overwhelmed by the sound of the last bell and talking endlessly of our crushes to each other. Now I think being a kid is so much fun than being an adult.
Coming to days at “kota” and the beginning of my long awaited hostel life, having spent 19 years of my life now, I still feel that the friends I made at kota were the bestest and truest of all. How we banged at each other’s door for the morning call till everyone was awake in the whole hostel. How we praised about some teachers and cursed some. How we cursed the “tastiest” of the food in the mess and the “sweetest” of the wardens. How delighted we felt when we got to enlighten ourselves with the “dirty knowledge”. The never-ending babbling in each other’s room, eating each other’s stuff, awesome jaunts after tests…How I wish I could relive those moments again.
And now I am here, my present friends… now of course we are not kids but behaving like one is always a pleasure for us. The leg pulling sessions, the birthday bashes, walks in the campus, night outs (not for studies but for chit-chatting ;)) and enjoying to the core. We really define friendship in truest sense. Being emotionally close to friends gives such a power to our soul that we get the courage to overcome the day to day problems very easily. I will cherish all these friends for my life time and wish the bestest of future for them.
This friendship’s day I want to tell all my friends that I love them and think of them more than they know. I am not close to some in terms of distance and I want them to know that I miss them. I apologize to those whom I have hurt (unknowingly of course...Because I do this very frequently) and ask them to forgive me once more like always ;). Cheers to our friendship !!
P.S: I beg pardon to those who remained unmentioned here(ofcourse I have friends other than at school, kota and hostel :P).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"She", Love and Probability

What does a relationship offers?? An immature answer will be love, happiness, pleasure etc. etc. just like a bollywood flick which has a happy ending. What is there in between is immaterial to most of us, we just concentrate on the “happy ending” part as a spectator.
"She" was on her way to seek this answer because "she" is not a worthless spectator; it is her own wounded love life. At times "she" feels that both of them are not capable enough to be in a relationship. Why can’t they both just leave apart all their ego clashes, problems and mistakes and just consider the fact that they are the same who were once “oh-so-madly” in love. They say that the tinge of life is in the small quarrels, but they hurt a lot when their frequency increases.Today I asked her the same question “What does a relationship offers?” and her answer was: painful & tearful eyes, disturbed mood and out of state mind.
The point to ponder here is what actually is the happy ending in her life? The most probable answer is they breaking up and both of them getting married to person of their parents’ choice. It may seem to be unlikely today but if one were a fortune teller who works on the principle of probability and statistics, one must definitely agree with this answer.
I don't know how to end it on a happy note because "she" is going through a heart ache right now. Let the ending be planned some other time, when "she" will be again "oh-so-madly" in love with him.And dat time is a night away, trust me because her painful eyes reflect only one side of the coin, the other side is still sparkly and glittery!